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Why Choose Ubiqus?

At Ubiqus, we cultivate excellence in the professional meeting and document production industry through our four major strengths: professionalism, service quality, transparency and technology.
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  • Why Choose Ubiqus translation services ?


  • Ubiqus’ operational support managers are experienced, work in a multicultural environment and are backed by an international network. Our local and international expertise make us the partner of choice for all your business ventures. We provide locally and culturally adapted translations.

  • We translate your business brochures or technical guides in every format — text, audio, video and Internet platform — and in most language combinations.

  • Our translators are identified by their specialties Their years of experience and practice in their field ensure that your final documents are entirely accurate and understandable.

  • We translate every type of general and administrative documents, briefs, reports, information notes, minutes, correspondence, technical manuals, Web localization, annual financial reports, business contracts, employment contracts, master specifications, research and development projects, speeches, press releases, project proposals, publications, tourism guides, newsletters, business brochures, advertising, receipts, requests for proposals, etc.

  • Our translators abide by the codes of ethics governing their profession, and most are members of professional associations (particularly ATIO and OTTIAQ in Canada), which ensures you respect and discretion.

  • 24-hour a day service. If necessary, we can manage your projects outside regular office hours.
  • Professionalism


    The Ubiqus Group has been active on the international scene for over 20 years and for over 30 years in Canada. Our success is grounded in the loyalty of the many clients we have been honoured to serve over the years in the government sectors (federal, provincial and municipal), as well as large corporations in the private sector. The vast majority of our private-sector clients come to us by referral, while in the public sector, our excellent service record places us in a very strong position when it comes to service contracts. With its fast-paced growth over the last few decades, Ubiqus now has close to 500 employees across the world. Our contributors have a wealth of diverse experience to offer and are driven to serve.

  • Service Quality


    Ubiqus takes a practical approach to ensuring constant service quality improvement:

    We nurture close ties with our clients through personalized follow-up as projects progress to better meet expectations.

    We regularly gather out our clients’ opinions through quality surveys in order to keep as fully informed as possible about market expectations and our client’s level of satisfaction.

    We use a quality monitoring system that allows our business managers to identify your preferences and unique requirements, including the terminology specific to your organization.

    See below our quality rates for the Translation Bureau :
    98,1 %
    98,8 %
    99,9 %
  • Transparency


    Ubiqus is a dynamic company determined to keep its sights set on the future. It values its employees, respects others and encourages initiative.

    When you assign your projects to Ubiqus, you are enlisting the services of a solid team determined to meet your professional needs. Our team keeps careful track of the effectiveness and communication required to move successfully from one step to another toward accomplishing each of the assignments entrusted to us.

    We always take care to provide you with the best quality/cost ratio: our prices are competitive, in line with professional standards and consistent with the service provided.

  • Technology


    We have an advanced IT infrastructure that contributes to the value added of our procedures and ensures that the deadlines set are met:
    We also keep in step with the latest technological developments in our field. For instance, we developed a terminology base that includes over 500,000 entries reflecting the preferences of our clients. This base is no a mere duplication of Termium, the Government of Canada’s terminology base. Our client and writer intranet portal also allows us to maintain close contact among the individuals assigned to our clients’ projects.