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Web Site Translation

Have Your Web Site Translated in Record Time

We can translate your Web site from English to French or French to English in record time. We also translate Spanish, German, Italian and many other languages.

When your target audience reads your web pages, the message will be perfectly clear. None of the subtleties will be lost. Your image will appear polished and professional, a true reflection of your service quality!

The process is incredibly simple : You give us the site and we deliver a ready-to-use, turn-key product, complete in every way. Our translators and webmasters will attend to every detail.



  • Finding Technical Solutions

We deliver a turn-key product. Our team of qualified webmasters can resolve every technical challenge involved in translating a web site.

  • Example #1: The challenge: A French text may take up more space than an English text, which can change the layout of your Web site. Solution: We take care to modify the layout so that the site remains perfectly “presentable.”
  • Example #2: The challenge: Key words have been placed at strategic locations on your site. Solution: We have extensive experience with search engine requirements for indexing a site: we address all of these issues at the translation stage to ensure that your site has been optimized by the time we deliver it to you.
  • Our “Special” Website Methodology

To meet our delivery-time, quality and cost commitments, our translation firm follows a four-step method:

  • Starting with your existing site, our operational support manager determines the scope of your translation project. Our firm provides you the professional translation services you need by producing your web pages in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish or any other language.

    N.B.: All of our translators have at least four years of experience in the legal, marketing, financial or engineering fields or as specialized translators.

  • For HTML sites, our designer can incorporate for you the translations into your web site pages, adding finishing touches required.
  • While the translation and incorporation steps are in progress, our operational support manager will determine with you, your priority key-words. These key words will be translated into the target languages.
  • All modifications and data are returned to you in turn-key format.