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Translation in the Medical Field

Our Specialized Medical References

McGill University : Consent forms, research funding applications, medical course support documents, clinical studies and popularized medical information.

Valeant : National survey, medical information, pharmacokinetic profiles and hospital forms (access and refunds)

Warner Chilcott : Monographs, medication specifications and trial protocols.

Canadian Partnership Against Cancer : Reports, cancer prevention programs and cancer research surveys.

Parkinson : Reports, newsletters, medical guides, prevention and treatment surveys, seminars and conferences.

Canadian Blood Services : Transplant and organ donation analysis documents.

Brain Canada : Report and questions concerning a research initiative including multiple researchers on preventing Alzheimer’s disease, statement of interest applications, research programs.



  • Our Specialized Team
  • Our translators are certified (ATIO and OTTIAQ primarily).

Our Medical Translators’ Diplomas
Bac en traduction B.A. in Translation – Certificate in Translation + Master’s degree in Organic Chemistry – B.A. in Translation + B.A. in Biology

From 5 to 27 Years of Experience
Translators specializing in the medical field have wide-ranging experience including employment in the field of medicinal chemistry for 10 years at a major laboratory, or involvement in environmental impact assessments.

Health Promotion – Medicine – Public Health – Clinical Trial Protocols – Hospitalization Reports – Medication Notices – Thesis Summaries, etc.