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legal translation

Translation in Legal Field

Our Specialized Legal References

Stikeman Elliott : Technical legal reports, strategic sales presentations and business proposals.

Bombardier Legal Services : Technical business contracts.

David Dubois Avocats : Legal opinions.

Supreme Court of Canada : Judgements and legal opinions, hearings, press releases and memos.

The Canadian Institute for Advanced Legal Studies : Biographies, advertising and memos.



  • Our Specialized Team
  • Our translators are certified (ATIO and OTTIAQ primarily).

Our Legal Translators’ Diplomas
Specialization in Translation, Master’s degree in Legal Translation
B.A. in Law + diploma in Legal Translation
B.A. Arts + diploma in Legal Translation

From 18 to 22 Years of Experience
Translators specializing in the legal field have wide-ranging experience, such as employment with the translation department of a major law firm or with an insurance company.


Constitutional Law – Criminal Law – Commercial Law – Maritime Law – International Law – Private Law – Administrative Law – Labour Law – Administration of Justice – Common Law, etc.

  • Certification: Certified Translations

We can deliver certified translations. « Certified » means that the translation was performed by an expert translator who takes an oath in court and may affix his or her seal to the document, confirming that it is a true and accurate rendition of the original.

The translator’s seal makes the translation an official document. Apart from the official languages, we can provide you with certified translations in several languages, including Chinese, Spanish, Italian and German.