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Translation in the Financial Field

Our Specialized Financial References

Intact Financial Corporation : Internal communications document, corporate manual, contracts and reports, brochures.

Deloitte and Touche : Translation of various reports and contracts, specifications, financial and stock-market evaluation reports.

KMPG : Governance guides and principles, corporate studies, conferences, editorials, press releases, insurance fraud article, report on observations arising from audits, and financial statements.

CAAT Pension Plan : Articles for newsletter, meeting minutes, financial statements, pension information document, annual report and web site publications.

Peoples Trust : Identification certificate, biography, public disclosure, information document – credit and pre-paid cards, web site text, on-line banking services document, confidentiality agreement and form.

Matrix Funds : Business brochure, financial assessment report and biography.



  • Our Specialized Team
  • Our translators are certified (ATIO and OTTIAQ primarily).

Our Financial Translators’ Diplomas
B.A. in Translation, sometimes combined with another diploma: Associate of the Society of Actuaries, B.A. in Mathematics (Actuarial Option)

From 8 to 37 Years of Experience
Translators specializing in finance have wide-ranging experience such as actuarial experience with large insurance companies, or contributed to TB 201 (Pension Vocabulary) and the development of an English-French glossary containing over 13,000 terms in the financial institution field.

Financial and Budget Management – Public Accounting and Audits – Business Accounting – National Accounting – Taxation – Customs and Excise – Design and Drafting of Federal Tax Legislation, GST and Excise Charges and Taxes – Employment and Social Security – Pensions, etc.