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Translation in the Energy and Natural Resources Field

Our Specialized Energy and natural Resources References

Stellar Pacific Venture : Press release and geological assessment report.

Abibow Canada : Financial policy, training presentations and tutorials, inter-company impact and study report.

Degrémont : Corporate philosophy, water treatment system, a central project with Hydro-Québec.

Ameriwater : Sterilization device user’s manual, water treatment systems report.

Gastem : corporate governance principles, technical report.

Great Quest : Mining facility project report, geological assessment.



  • Our Specialized Team
  • Our translators are certified (ATIO and OTTIAQ primarily).

Our Translators in Energy and Natural Resources Diplomas
B.A. in Translation
Doctoral degree in Geology + B.A. in Translation

From 5 to 24 Years of Experience
Translators specializing in the field who worked as geological consultants, professors or who helped to draft government reports on energy and on mining and petroleum resources.

Water treatment – Electrical Generating Stations – Geological Analyses – Mining Sector, etc.