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Translation in the Distribution and Agri-Food Field

Our Specialized Distribution and Agri-Food References

Costco Wholesale Canada : Pharmacy Internet site, brochures, book on the company’s history and managers’ training manual.
PR International : Product data sheets.
BlueWater Seafoods : Recipes, press releases and brochures.
Urban Outfitters : Catalogues with descriptions of clothing and their composition, as well as in-house memos.



  • Our Specialized Team
  • Our translators are certified (ATIO and OTTIAQ primarily).

Our Translators’Agri-food-related Diploma s
B.A. in Translation
B.A. in Translation + MBA + licence in Chemistry
B.A. in Science + B.A. in Translation
B.A. in Biology + B.A. in Translation

From 10 to 39 Years of Experience
Translators in this field have long-time experience in translating agricultural and agri-food documents, especially for government and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Agriculture (primary livestock and crop production) – Agri-food (secondary production) – Product Descriptions, Marketing and Promotion, etc.