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Translation in the Consulting and Communications Field

Our Specialized Consulting and Communications References

IBM : Updates of Intranet pages, guidance for administrators, IT press release for employees, user’s guide for in-house applications.
Mandrake : Internet site, case studies, brochures and corporate policy.
TMP Worldwide Advertising : Job offers, speeches, Internet site and subscription contracts.
Transcontinental Inc. : Translation of advertising inserts for the newspaper Métro.
Hill and Knowlton : Internet site, press release, translation of the training in communication followed by the employees.



  • Our Specialized Team
  • Our translators are certified (ATIO and OTTIAQ primarily).

Our Translators in Consulting and Communications-related Diplomas
B.A. in Translation
B.A. in Communications + B.A. in Translation
B.A. in Arts + B.A. in Translation

From 10 to 39 Years of Experience
Translators specializing in marketing and consulting have many years of experience in writing and distributing specialized publications, strategic positioning projects also consulting functions in strategy/communications.

Web sites – Inhouse Communications – Business Brochures and Documentation – Human Resources – Business Contracts, etc.