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Translation in the Construction and Civil Engineering Field

Our Specialized Construction and Civil Engineering References

Génivar : Master specifications for the establishment of a major distribution chain in Quebec.

Groupe Arcop : Architectural documents, plans, master specifications, quality control program and technical system descriptions and features.

GT SOTER : Health and safety policy document, Internet site, complex building data sheets, mining, airport and rail facilities.

CNRC : Documents on the environment, construction material analysis reports, energy efficiency reports, heating, ventilation and sanitary facility documents, users manuals and Building Code, plumbing and fire safety documents.



  • Our Specialized Team
  • Our translators are certified (ATIO and OTTIAQ primarily).

Our Translators’ Civil Engineering Diplomas
B.A. in Translation
École Polytechnique – B.Sc. A Civil Engineering + B.A. in Translation

From 8 to 25 Years of Experience
Specialized translators have work experience in the field as an engineering project manager, or several years of experience with the Translation Bureau in Plans and Specifications, Civil Engineering, Electrical and Mechanical Sections.

Architecture – Environment – Construction Techniques – Building Operation – Innovation and Sustainable Development, etc.