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Translation in specialised domains

Specialized translators

Technical translation requires the knowledge and skill of experts. If you plan to translate a technical manual, user’s guide or notice, your translated documents must constitute a precise and accurate rendition of the original.

All of our translators are professionals with degrees and specializations in their field of activity. They have a full command of the technical terms specific to their field: mechanical, electronic, electricity, computers, telecommunications, buildings, ironworks, chemistry, petro-chemistry, agronomy, agri-food, environmental, medical, cosmetic and optical…

The following are a few examples of our translators’ profiles in the sections centred on various fields.



  • Specialties and Types of Documents
  • Our technical translation services include all of the following types of documents

Financial reports
Legal cases
Standards, tenders
User’s / operating manuals
Quality guides
Training manuals
Engineering documents

Patents, reports
Internet sites
Marketing documents
Press releases
Product data sheets

  • Who trusts us? These:

Abibow Canada Inc.
Stellar Pacific Ventures
Air Canada
Université McGill

Institut canadien d’études juridiques supérieures
Moneris Solutions
People Trust Vancouver et Toronto
Intact Corporation financière
Intact Assurance

ABC Solutions
Access Copyright
Chemspec USA Inc.
Hewlett Packard
Swift Delivery Systems

and many more…