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Report and summary transcription and writing

Ubiqus can write your documents for you whatever their length, from verbatim transcripts to short summaries. We provide transcription and writing services in the corporate, legal and medical fields.

We can write your documents in either official language, English and French. We can also provide transcripts in most foreign languages.

  • Select the Right Document
  • All of our writing solutions are “made-to-measure.” Our Sales representative will consider a list of criteria: the topic of the meeting, the number and identity of participants, the intended use of the document, the time available to recipients to read it, etc.

    To write the best report suited to your request, Ubiqus has developed a checklist of solutions centred on two main criteria:
    – processing requirements, in terms of the number of pages per hour of event
    – delivery time, in terms of working days

  • Why Ubiqus ?
  • With our vast network, we can assign a transcriber specializing in your field capable of handling large projects and meeting tight deadlines.

    Ubiqus can work with any medium: cassettes, taps, discs or digital files. You receive your transcript in Word format, by email, express mail or our secure extranet site, available 24 hours a day.

    Our clients know that Ubiqus is a solid company, in business for 30 years. We have offices in 7 countries, and we are always growing.

    Contact us to find out more about how Ubiqus can adapt a document to your specific needs.