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Simultaneous interpreters convey the message of spoken statements in different spoken language, in a way that is clear and easy to understand. Working side by side in teams of two or more, interpreters take turns interpreting (changing every 20 minutes), speaking into microphones connected to the interpretation equipment. The interpreted speech is immediately broadcast to the audience, which is listening through wireless headsets, sometimes with a delay of only one word.

Ubiqus assigns interpreters according to language combination, cultural expertise and field of specialization so that the audience will hear the presentation as if it were being given in their own language. Through our experienced interpreters, professional team, expert technicians and cutting-edge equipment, Ubiqus ensures that your event will meet your expectations.

Whispered interpretation
Whispered interpretation is simultaneous interpretation without the use of equipment, and is appropriate when the number of people is limited. The interpreter listens to the speakers and whispers a simultaneous interpretation to those who need it. Whispered interpretation is a good solution when only one language combination is required (to avoid room noise) and when no more than two people need to hear the interpretation. It should be confirmed that the sound of the interpretation will not disturb the session (for example, during a trial).

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  • Types of events for simultaneous interpretation
  • National and international conferences, summits and seminars

  • General meetings

  • Annual conventions, professional training

  • Business meetings

  • Academic training and seminars

  • Annual company strategy meetings

  • Product presentations

  • State visits

  • e provide interpretation equipment!
Ubiqus will help you obtain and set up the equipment, including an interpretation booth, microphones, wireless headsets, technical support, the sound and audiovisual system, and much more, so that everyone can easily understand and participate. Our technicians will stay on-site for the duration of your event to ensure that the equipment and the discussions run smoothly.


  • Need an interpreter?
Ubiqus makes the process simple and easy. Contact us, and a dedicated representative will help you find the interpretation solution that meets your expectations, by finding the perfect interpreter who is bilingual in your language combination and specialized in the field of expertise of your meeting. Don’t take any chances; let Ubiqus make your event a success!

Our extensive experience, our high-quality customer service and the expertise of our seasoned interpreters make us an agency whose reputation is spread by word of mouth and whose customers keep coming back. Since each event is unique, Ubiqus provides you with customized interpretation solutions to meet your specific needs and requirements.