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Consecutive interpretation is the interpretation of statements after the speaker has spoken, by summarizing the main ideas. The interpreter may interpret after each sentence, or take notes and then interpret one or two minutes of speech at a time.

Consecutive interpretation is most often used in professional meetings. It is ideal for situations in which only two languages are being spoken (for smaller events, whispered interpretation is an alternative). If several languages are being spoken, it may be better to use simultaneous interpretation with appropriate equipment to instantly render the discussion in other languages.

Consecutive interpretation has certain advantages: it can be done at virtually any event (in person or by telephone), the required equipment—if any—is minimal (for example, portable interpretation equipment for tours) and technicians are usually not required.

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  • Types of events for consecutive interpretatione
  • Professional meetings

  • Informal discussions

  • Trade negotiations

  • Business and technical meetings

  • Trade shows and exhibitions

  • Site visits and plant tours

  • Galas and speeches

  • News and media conferences


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