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Interpretation services for any event

If you are holding a bilingual or multilingual conference or event and require an interpreter, our interpretation services will help you break the language barrier. Ubiqus provides the private sector, public sector and individuals with conference, consecutive, telephone and court interpretation services for all kinds of events.

Ubiqus provides professional interpretation services with certified interpreters who are highly qualified and experienced, expert technicians who care about your needs, and cutting-edge equipment that can accommodate any setup. Our customized services are tailored to your event, including language combinations, cultural expertise and areas of specialization. Our approach is to assign the most qualified and experienced interpreters, who will be able to understand all the aspects and context of your event.

In that way we can ensure the quality and impact of your event.

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  • We offer different types of interpretation
  • Simultaneous interpretation

    The audience listens to a real-time broadcast of the interpreter interpreting the speech or presentation as the speaker or presenter is delivering it. If the audience includes more than two people, the interpretation is performed using the appropriate equipment (for example, microphones, headsets and an interpretation booth) to ensure that each participant can hear the discussion perfectly.


  • Consecutive interpretation

    Consecutive interpretation is the interpretation of statements after the speaker has spoken, by summarizing the main ideas. This type of interpretation increases the speaking time and is ideal for professional meetings and closed-door trade negotiations.


  • Legal or court interpretation  


    Court interpreters, whether simultaneous or consecutive, must be certified. A court interpreter works at various court proceedings (for example, hearings, depositions, interrogations, testimonies and trials).


  • Telephone interpretation


    Telephone interpretation may be consecutive or simultaneous and is performed over the telephone using two lines. The interpreter works remotely, listening on one line and speaking into the other.


  • Interpretation equipment


    Ubiqus provides equipment for simultaneous conference interpretation, such as interpretation booths, delegate microphones, headsets, audiovisual and sound systems, and any other equipment required to ensure that your event runs smoothly and efficiently. Equipment can also be configured for guided tours.


*Companies often hesitate to invest in an interpretation service provider. Yet, to maintain a good reputation, it is better to use professional services and avoid the disappointment that would result from using someone who is bilingual, but unable to translate the discussion accurately and professionally, to receive a return on investment and to ensure that your event makes an impact.

As well, note that we have alternative solutions for smaller budgets. Please contact us and together we can identify the best solution for you.

  • Need an interpreter?
Ubiqus makes the process simple and easy. Contact us, and a dedicated representative will help you find the interpretation solution that meets your expectations, by finding the perfect interpreter who is bilingual in your language combination and specialized in the field of expertise of your meeting. Don’t take any chances; let Ubiqus make your event a success!

Our extensive experience, our high-quality customer service and the expertise of our seasoned interpreters make us an agency whose reputation is spread by word of mouth and whose customers keep coming back. Since each event is unique, Ubiqus provides you with customized interpretation solutions to meet your specific needs and requirements