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– Transcriptionist
– Foreign Language Transcriptionist  
– General and Specialized Translator (Technical, Medical or Scientific)  
– Reviser 
– Project Manager/Coordinator 
– Audio Technician  
– Sales représentative/Sales development  
  • Working for Ubiqus
  • Ubiqus is an equal opportunity employer. It does not discriminate based on ethnic origin, religion, race, sexual orientation, disability or any other consideration.


  • Federating: Management’s Golden Rule

    To keep growing, Ubiqus motivates and stimulates all of its teams. All new employees begin an orientation process that leads to knowledge and discover, meeting the various players in the company along the way, learning about the company’s procedures and receiving in-house and outside training. Their path includes meetings with management and HR staff to ensure that new team member make a smooth adjustment.


  • To submit a job application, complete the on-line form. The applications sent by email without the on-line form will not be considered in priority.

    Our offices are located in Ottawa, and in Montreal . If you are not located in North America please contac one of our other subsidiaries elsewhere in the world.