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Environmentally Responsible

As a major player in the document production, professional meeting and language industry trades in general, our role in preserving resources and raising awareness among our business partners about environmental matters is important to us. We endeavour to meet our clients’ needs while respecting environmental principles.

  • What we do:
  • Information


    Ubiqus applies a policy of raising awareness about sustainable development issues by disseminating information in its in-house newsletter and theme-based recommendation notes on the use of recycled paper, recyclable batteries and the proper use of office automation.

  • Printing


    We print only when necessary and inform our employees about recycling their documents by printing drafts on two sides of the page. We use only recycled paper. Office printer ink cartridges are also recycled.

  • Electricity


    The power to electrical equipment is turned off when not in use (lights, computers, photocopiers, coffee makers, etc.), especially at night and on weekends. Power to lights and energy-consuming devices is shut off automatically in the evenings.

  • Communications


    Ubiqus uses a range of communications methods: telephone, email, telephone conferences, and so on. These tools limit unnecessary travel and save time. Ubiqus provides its clients and suppliers with a web portal for electronic document transfers.

  • Supplies


    To the extent possible, we use rechargeable and refillable supplies: refillable pens, mechanical pencils and energy efficient devices (energy efficient light bulbs, for example). We have also make it our policy to systematically collect the spent batteries from our equipment. Various collection points have also been set up where employees can recycle their personal batteries.